Yem Melasiyer Molasses Mixer
  • Manufactured by using disc and rolls designed according to the capacity.
  • Driven by 1 or 2 electric motors according to the required power.
  • Equipped with high quality stainless steel disc and rolls.
  • Steel hosing is made of from welded stfifened carbon steel, very strong body.
  • The pellet press is equipped with safety pins which are broken incase of overload. By this safety pins, main shaft is protected against exceeding the permissible torque.
  • Pelleting parts are statically and dynamically balanced.
  • By permanent magnet which is mounted to the front door of pellet press, the ferrous particles are removed.
  • Pneumatic diverters are mounted to front gate of pellet mill to prevent overloading.
Pellet Mill
1701-15 2150 1920 3200 90x2 15
1701-20 2520 2100 3580 110x2 20
1701-30 3280 2500 4350 185x2 30
*Dehsetiler reserve the right to make changes in pictures and machine specifications without notice.
*The capacity depends on the material property to be pelletized.